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ShinobiCharts Premium 2.5.6


The iOS version of this component supports the classic 32-bit iOS API only. Learn More

If you've got data to show off, let's make your life easier, and your users' experience even better with stunning, interactive charts straight out of the box!

If you’re building an iOS app and want a quick and effective way to visualize data, look no further! ShinobiCharts transforms your data into fully customizable, interactive charts straight out of the box.

High performance charting.

500,000+ data points in real time - it doesn’t matter what size or type of dataset you want to show off – ShinobiCharts can handle it. Switch from 5,000 to 50,000 to 500,000 data points and ShinobiCharts shows no deterioration in speed, quality or interaction. Our charts can handle truly massive data sets in real time, with no worries.

An extensive range of chart types.

ShinobiCharts gives you a wide range of chart types to choose from, so you can pick the best ways to visualize your data. Lines, areas, points, bars, columns, stacked lines, stacked areas, stacked bars and columns, pies, donuts, histograms, step charts, bubble charts, candlesticks, OHLC and band charts - it's all there.

Fully extensible API for customizing layout.

Our API takes inspiration from the Apple iOS controls, and is based on data sources, delegates and UI classes that you'll recognize instantly. What's more, our comprehensive documentation looks and feels just like the iOS reference docs. Happy days!

Data however you want it.

Numbers, dates, strings, logarithms – our axes handle them effortlessly, even when you want to use your own objects as data points. Continuous or discrete data, with or without exclusions - it's all taken care of and plotted accurately. Place multiple axes on any side of the chart - or even in the middle of the chart!

With ShinobiCharts your users’ experience will surpass their expectations of how slick an iOS app can be – with zoom, pan and selection with multi-touch gestures. It really is playtime for data!

Release Notes

2.5.1 to 2.5.6 (05-Nov-2013)

  • Adds styling for individual points on the candlestick series.
  • Fixes bugs with selection, crosshairs and annotations on category axes.
  • Fixes bug on date/time axis when reloading data having set a default range on the axis.
  • Fixes bug with selection and crosshairs on chart series when a series contains 0 data points.
  • Fixes Xamarin.iOS bug where tick marks and grid lines were not being removed on zoom and pan.
  • Adds Text alignment for tick labels
  • Adds ShinobiChartLog. All warning or error messages are now prepended by "ShinobiCharts:"
  • Deprecates minimumFontSize, in favour of minimumScaleFactor on SChartTitleStyle
  • Fixes issue with selecting points in unordered bins
  • Fixes issue with momentum panning and zooming.
  • Fixes issue with crosshair alignment after panning and zooming.
  • Fixes issue where the wrong texture would be applied to some datapoints.
  • Fixes issues with DateTime axes and Category axes.
  • With the iPhone 5s, Apple has moved to a new processor architecture that is claimed to be fully backwards compatible.  Whilst this should mean support for existing GL code, like our own, we have discovered a bug in Apple’s multi-sampling implementation. We have implemented a work-around and raised a radar with Apple to alert them of this issue.

2.3.1 - 2.5.1 (19-Sep-2013)

  • Changes minimum supported version to iOS6.

  • Added iOS7 theme, which the chart will now default to on iOS7 devices.

  • Added a utility class (ShinobiCharts) that allows the developer to set the theme and licenseKey for all of their charts centrally.

  • Chart style and theme classes now conform to the NSCopying protocol.

  • Added the property legendItem to SChartSeries which allows the developer to specify an object that adheres to the SChartLegendItem protocol to supply the series title & legend symbol for that series.

  • The methods setTheme: and applyTheme have been deprecated and replaced by the method applyTheme: which will apply the supplied theme.

  • Fixes an issue where 'pixelValueForDataValue' would give an incorrect return value on an axis with a transform.

  • Improved performance of tick mark calculation when using a DateTimeAxis.

  • Added properties to the ShinobiChart to allow chart title positioning, which were previously only available by using the chart's theme.

  • Fixed issue whereby tick labels & data range were not being calculated correctly when an axis was being initialised with a large range.

  • Fixed various issues regarding data to pixel and pixel to data mapping.

  • Deprecated 'offsetForDataValue:inSeries:' in favor of 'offSetForSeries:'.

2.3.0 - 2.3.1 (30-Aug-2013)

Mostly minor fixes:

  • Category axes initWithRange / defaultRange issue fixed

  • X-axis tick label sizing now correctly interprets label length

  • Truncation on tick labels is no longer present

  • Stack data series appending bug fixed

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks

2.2.1 - 2.3.0 (7-Aug-2013)

  • The user-guide and samples have been improved with more information and how-to guides

  • Charts now support appending data via methods on the chart itself. This is supported by a heavily modified render engine for optimum performance.

  • Bubble series now have their own dedicated class to improve support for this series type.

  • Improved tickmark support for discontinuous axes and several bugs in this area fixed - including an infinite loop.

  • Other bug fixes.

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