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ShinobiEssentials Standard 2.5.1


A comprehensive set of fully customizable UI controls. Created with the developer in mind to reduce time and effort and provide interactive joy for your users!

A comprehensive set of fully customizable UI controls created to enhance any iOS app. ShinobiEssentials have been designed with the developer in mind to reduce time and effort needed to code with a selection of popular user interface controls, ready for configuration, right out of the box!


Maximize your screen space by presenting bespoke data in a vertical stack. Use this accordion control to expand and collapse sections of information through intuitive gestures — tap and pinch sections to open and close — swipe sideways to delete. Sections will be highlighted when they are open, letting your user concentrate purely on the data they are interested in.


Linear 2D and 3D Carousel

Arrange your UI views in an easily navigable list for the user to navigate quickly through intuitive gestures. These controls include a huge number of configurable options to control look and behavior, such as optionally wrapping around to the start when you reach the end or having items scale as the travel away from the focal point, giving a 3D perspective.

A rich delegate API provides the ability to receive notifications to be able to react to user actions and determine the currently selected items.

Cylindrical Carousel

Similar to the Linear carousels, these controls arrange items as if wrapped around a cylinder where items recede into the background, following an elliptical path. Control the arc of the path, how individual items rotate through space, transparency of items as they recede and much more, all through a simple API.

Cover Flow

If you're looking to show your items stacked up to either side of the current focus element, in the popular cover flow configuration, this is the control for you. With fine grained control over angles and spacing of items, you can get exactly the look you want from your cover flow control.

Radial Dial

This control arranges the items in a circular path on a flat 2D plane. This makes a really useful tool for creating radial menus of icons, for example. As with all our new controls, the configuration is totally flexible. Change the angles, radius, spacing, rotation and more through simple properties on the control.

Decorated Views

Want to add reflections, drop shadows or a reverse pane to your UIView? No problem, just drop it into one of our decorated views and it applies the desired effect for you. Easy!

Flow Layout

Enable your users to create simple flow layouts (such as storyboards and photo galleries) quickly and simply by adding this control. Items can be arranged on screen in a flow layout from left to right, allowing users to reorder and delete through gestures and modes. Edit mode — tap items to remove, reorder by dragging to the desired position. Free mode — hold and drag items to the recycle bin to delete, reorder by again dragging to the desired position.

Progress and Activity Indicator

Graphically represent a time indicator with this neat tool. Choose from radial and linear options with fully customizable styling to create endless varieties of visuals based on color and design. Select from different modes to represent activities which have predetermined or unknown durations.

Sliding Overlay

Maximize your screen area by using this space-saving control. Create sliding panels that intuitively respond to swipe gestures, enabling you to hide and reveal content — ideal for creating menus where space is limited. Supporting this control are fully customizable styling options for colors, textures and configuration for up, down, left or right slide gestures.

Tabbed View

Switch between different display panels by adding tabs to your apps. Enable your users to create their own tabs just by pressing a button. Select, reorder, close or navigate through the use of simple gestures. You can easily customize the look and feel of the tab header bar and can position tabs either at the top or bottom of the display. For cases where you don't want people to change the tabs in the view, the tabbed view offers a fixed mode as well.

Release Notes

2.5.0 - 2.5.1 (19-Sep-2013)

  • Fixed an issue where users would see the message "The argument is invalid" when trying to deploy to a device

  • Fixes bug in Accordion where dragging Accordion headers could result in overlapping headers.

  • Fixes bug in Accordion where inset Accordion sections were not displayed properly.

  • Fixes bug in Flow Layout where contentSize would be larger than expected.

2.0.0 - 2.5.0 (11-Sep-2013)

  • Deprecated the theme property on SEssentialsStyle. Styles are created with a theme, but they no longer hold a reference to it.

  • Updated controls to use this new theming paradigm.

  • Added iOS7 theme, which essentials components will now default to on iOS7 devices.

  • Added an image wrapper to SEssentials components that have large numbers of image assets.

  • Deprecated constructors on components which take multiple UIImage objects in favor of a constructor that utilizes the aforementioned image wrapper.

  • Fixed issue whereby the drop shadow on the sliding overlay would occasionally not resize as expected upon rotation.

  • Fixed a bug whereby some items in the SEssentialsCarouselLinear2D would jitter.

  • Fixed bug whereby the linear continuous progress indicator would remove the shine effect before the progress had reached the far right hand side.

  • Fixed issue whereby removing a non-active tab would remove the content of the active tab.

  • Fixed issue whereby transforming a carousel would cause the focusPoint to move, so that the items rendered in a different location than expected.

  • Fixed small rasterization issue for retina activity indicators.

  • Fixed issue whereby accordion sections would open backwards.

  • Fixed issue whereby tabShouldBecomeActive and tabShouldBecomeInactive were not being called when adding a tab, only when pressing a tab.

1.0.0 - 2.0.0 (28-Jun-2013)

  • A completely new class of control is available with SEssentialsCarousel (cover flow, linear, 3d, radial, etc)

  • Fully code compatible with previous release.

  • Useful helper views based on SEssentialsDecoratedView to provide extra effects and decoration for UIViews, including reflection, shadows, and fading.

  • Virtualized loading of sections on the SEssentialsAccordion for more efficient handling of large data sets.

  • Edit mode added to SEssentialsAccordion allowing sections to be rearranged using gestures.

  • Improved the layout of views in SEssentialsFlowLayout

  • The underlayHidden property on SEssentialsSlidingOverlay is now set if any of the underlay is visible, rather than if the entire underlay is visible.

  • Improvement to layout and positioning of tabs in SEssentialsTabbedView.

  • Simplified header file inclusion

  • Fixes for layout problems on device rotation with SEssentialsAccordion and SEssentialsSlidingOverlay

  • Improved documentation with explanatory images.

  • New user guides with 'how-to' example code

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