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Couchbase Lite 1.479.3


A lightweight, document-oriented (NoSQL), syncable database engine.

Couchbase Lite is a secure, ultra-lightweight, syncable native NoSQL database built for the online/offline mobile world. It is the first native NoSQL database for mobile devices, and a key part of Couchbase's JSON Anywhere mobile strategy.

JSON Anywhere

JSON Anywhere, the first and only NoSQL offering specifically designed to meet the data management needs of the booming mobile application market.

Couchbase JSON Anywhere enables mobile application developers to create highly responsive, datacentric applications that are always-available regardless of network connectivity. JSON Anywhere means: JSON on the device, JSON on the wire, and JSON in the cloud. Data stored in Couchbase Lite on a mobile device is seamlessly synchronized with the Couchbase Server in the cloud, enabling the simple development of a new class of occasionally connected, data intensive mobile applications.

We're now available in Beta! We invite C# developers to see what Couchbase Lite and JSON Anywhere can do for them.

Platform Support

Couchbase Lite with Xamarin currently supports deployment to iOS 5+.

Manuals & Release Notes

Learn how Couchbase Lite works natively, with our Couchbase Lite iOS guide:

Additional Information

Start syncing with Couchbase Sync Gateway, a ready-to-go and easy-to-use sync tier that extends Couchbase Server and is compatible with Couchbase Lite:

Release Notes

Version 1.479.3


  • Added additional MapReduce example to the sample which displays "Items Remaining." Demonstrates use of a MapReduce view to compute aggregate results.

  • Updated sample to use the static registrar.

  • Renamed Replication.Query_params -> QueryParams.

Version 1.479.2


  • Removed restriction on non-SSL sync endpoints in the sample app.

Version 1.479.1


  • Updated signature of the MapBlock delegate to match the API of the unlatched obj-c library.

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