Have a look at the BTProgressHUDDemo project.

Firstly, you need to use the BigTed namespace

using BigTed;

Then, there are a few main static methods for showing the HUD:

BTProgressHUD.Show(); //shows the spinner
BTProgressHUD.Show("Oh hai"); //show spinner + text
BTProgressHUD.ShowSuccessWithStatus("Wow, that worked"); //A big TICK with text
BTProgressHUD.ShowErrorWithStatus("Fail!"); //A big CROSS with text
BTProgressHUD.ShowToast("Hello from Toast"); //show an Android-style toast

All of these can be dismissed, once your processing is finished, with


ShowToast, ShowSuccessWithStatus, ShowErrorWithStatus, and ShowImage all auto-dismiss.

BTProgressHUD is aware of the thread you are calling from, and ensures that HUDs are always manipulated from the UI thread.

Using on iOS6

If your app needs to work against the iOS6 SDK, but with the user on iOS7, you can set

BTProgressHUD.ForceiOS6LookAndFeel = true;

And all the dialog boxes will look like iOS6 (black with white text, not the other way)

Other Show options

You can call Show with the following parameters

  • status: - show status text
  • progress: - show a progress circle with 0.0 - 1.0 of progress. Call again to change the progress.
  • maskType: - show with the background (the whole window) clear, black or gradient. Default is none, which allows interaction with the underlying elements.
public enum MaskType
    None = 1, // allow user interactions, don't dim background UI (default)
    Clear, // disable user interactions, don't dim background UI
    Black, // disable user interactions, dim background UI with 50% translucent black
    Gradient // disable user interactions, dim background UI with translucent radial gradient (a-la-alertView)


The toast can be centered or at the bottom of the screen, like Android. This is controlled by the second parameter.

BTProgressHUD.ShowToast ("Your download finished", showToastCentered: false);


This method dismisses the activity after 1 second. You can provide your own images if needed - make them 28x28 white PNGs.

BTProgressHUD.ShowSuccessWithStatus ("Wow, that worked"); //A big TICK with text
BTProgressHUD.ShowErrorWithStatus ("Fail!"); //A big CROSS with text
BTProgressHUD.ShowImage (UIImage.FromFile("an-image-file.png"), "Nice one Stu!");

You can use the timeout parameter of ShowImage to control the time before it's dismissed.

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