Getting Started

Simply download the component, and reference the dll to use ShowcaseView in your Xamarin.Android app.

How to use

To add a single ShowcaseView to your app, you can use the following code.

using SharpShowcaseView;
using SharpShowcaseView.Targets;

protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

    var target = new ViewTarget(Resource.Id.buttonBlocked, this);
    showcaseView = ShowcaseView.InsertShowcaseView(target, this, Resource.String.showcase_main_title, Resource.String.showcase_main_message);

Resource.Id.buttonBlocked is a simple button that is placed inside the layout file. We simple use it's resource integer to position the showcase around it.

Resource.String.showcase_main_title and Resource.String.showcase_main_message is used to show the user some helpful message.

You can also add a series of showcase views

var views = new ShowcaseViews(this);
views.AddView(new ShowcaseViews.ItemViewProperties(Resource.Id.image, Resource.String.showcase_image_title, Resource.String.showcase_image_message, SHOWCASE_KITTEN_SCALE));
views.AddView(new ShowcaseViews.ItemViewProperties(Resource.Id.buttonLike, Resource.String.showcase_like_title, Resource.String.showcase_like_message, SHOWCASE_LIKE_SCALE));

The Android developer design guide has a great advice on how to use this type of in-app-help. Please take look there too.

Other Resources