1 Create a component package containing libraries, templates, or UI elements.

Use the xamarin-component command line tool (download) to create your component package. For detailed instructions, see the component packaging guidelines.

2 Upload your package.

Drag-and-drop your component package,
or click for a file picker.

3 Provide additional details to make your component shine in the store.

Add images (artwork, screenshots, infographics) to be featured in a slideshow on your component store page. Images sized 740x400 work best.
Drag-and-drop slideshow images,
or click for a file picker.

4 Do you want to sell your component?

If you choose to sell your component, we will contact you about pricing.

5 Your Xamarin Account

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6Additional Info

7Terms and Conditions

By clicking Submit Component, you are indicating that you've read and agreed to Xamarin's Component Vendor Agreement.

Xamarin pays 70% of net component revenue to vendors within 30 days of the end of each calendar month. Vendors must provide 30-day notice on price changes and must honor Xamarin's 30-day return policy. Vendor licenses must allow library distribution as part of end-user apps without hidden fees. Read the full agreement for complete details.

8Special Instructions

Have any special instructions for us, or things we should keep in mind while reviewing your submission? Let us know below.