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Nokia In-App Payment 3.0.0


Nokia In-App Payment for Nokia X

Nokia In-App Payment

Nokia In-App Payment offers simple, seamless integration of a payment event into an app published on Nokia Store. With Nokia In-App Payment integrated into your app, consumers are able to purchase additional digital content from anywhere within the app. You define the content that the customer can purchase, as well as its price and description, using the Nokia publishing system (Nokia Publish). Once the Nokia In-App Payment system has confirmed that the payment has been made for the digital asset, your app can make that asset available to the consumer. Nokia In-App Payment processes payment using operator billing, the most popular payment method among consumers, which leverages Nokia's extensive integration with mobile operators to give you worldwide coverage.

NOTE: Xamarin.Android version 4.12.0 or higher is required!

Key Features

The key features of Nokia In-App Payment are:

  • Requesting details of purchasable products.
  • Purchasing products by using operator billing.
  • Restoring an earlier purchased Nokia Store item.
  • Marking products as consumed from the app.

Types of Content

You can use Nokia In-App Payment to sell and deliver the following types of products to consumers:

Premium content that is purchased once and can then be used indefinitely within the app. Examples are:

  • Unlocking new levels in a game.
  • Enabling a premium version or account.
  • Adding items not available in a free version of an app or game, such as enhanced features and functionality within a game.

Content that can be purchased repeatedly and consumed during the normal use of a game or app. The consumer should be able to purchase the items again when the need arises. Examples are:

  • Virtual currencies, such as coins to purchase tools.
  • New lives in a game.
  • New chips in a casino or card game.

Nokia Store does not make difference between these product types. Only difference between these product types is how you handle consumption within your application.

After product has been purchased, it cannot be purchased again before it has been consumed by calling In-App Payment API. It is up to you to manage which items can be consumed and which not. Items that can be consumed are typically in-game currency or gasoline, whereas premium content is typically not consumed.

If a consumer attempts to purchase the same item from the same phone for a second time before it has been consumed, Nokia In-App Payment will instruct the application to restore the content. In case of restoration, it is good to note, that purchases are always bound to the phone that originated the purchase and not to the consumer itself.

Learn More

To learn more, please visit the Nokia Developer portal at: http://developer.nokia.com/

Release Notes


  • Updated to Nokia X Services revision 3


  • Fixed build configuration and project loading issues in Visual Studio
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2 reviews

Arezki Saba rates this with
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Good, is it possible to show us a sample for querying products and purchases ?

Thanks in advance !

Posted on: May 13, 2014 / Version: 1.1.1
Jordi Benaiges rates this with
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Pretty straightforward conversion. Is it possible to get an example for querying product details?


Posted on: February 27, 2014 / Version: 1.0