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Nokia Notifications 3.0.0


Nokia Notifications for Nokia X

Nokia Notifications API

Nokia Notifications enables real-time push notifications to your application running on Nokia Nm platform. Notification is a message that is sent from an a specific notification service to an application installed on the device. Nokia Notifications API consists of two parts: Nokia Notifications Client API (Client API), which the Java API enabling the application to register to a service, receive and handle notifications, and Nokia Notifications Server API (Server API), which defines the communication method between a 3rd party server and Nokia Notifications server.

The process of receiving notifications is straightforward. The application, implementing Client API, registers itself for receiving notifications by sending service specific sender identification (sender ID) to Nokia Notifications server. Nokia Notifications server responds by sending a device specific registration identification (registration ID, RID) to the client device, which the client application then provides for the 3rd party server, which implements Server API. Finally, the 3rd party server can send notifications, via Nokia Notifications server, for the devices whose registration ID it knows. It is the responsibility of the developer to implement a) client application with Client API and b) server with Server API.

NOTE: Xamarin.Android version 4.12.0 or higher is required!

Learn More

To learn more, please visit the Nokia Developer portal at: http://developer.nokia.com/

Release Notes


  • Updated to Nokia X Services revision 3


  • Fixed build configuration and project loading issues in Visual Studio
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