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Salesforce SDK


Integrate Salesforce into your mobile apps.

Salesforce C# SDK for Xamarin

Build native apps around your Salesforce data.

Give your users the mobile experience they expect, and increasingly demand, from their enterprise apps. Take full advantage of the raw performance and rich functionality native to each platform. Meet compliance requirements by leveraging each platform's trusted-computing features, like OS-managed credential stores.

Do it all using C#.

Key Highlights

  • Create, Update, and Delete SObjects.

  • Run queries written in SOQL.

  • Full-text searching via SOSL.

  • Use the same C# API for iOS and Android.

  • Leverage async/await for keeping your UI responsive, and your code simple.

  • Simple, compact API.

  • Easily create your own strongly-typed domain model classes.

Dive In

// Creates our connection to salesforce.
var client = new SalesforceClient (clientId, clientSecret, redirectUrl);

// Get authenticated users from the local keystore
var users = client.LoadUsers ();

if (!users.Any ())
    client.AuthenticationComplete += (sender, e) => OnAuthenticationCompleted (e);

    // Starts the Salesforce login process.
    var loginUI = client.GetLoginInterface (); 
    // We're ready to fetch some data!
    // Let's grab some sales accounts to display.
    IEnumerable<SObject> results = 
        await client.ReadAsync ("SELECT Name, AccountNumber FROM Account");


Release Notes


  • Added Changes and ChangesAsync for easy retrieval of object change info, which was introduced in v29 of the API.

  • Supports "logout" scenario by calling Client.CurrentUser.RequiresReauthentication = true;.


  • Added Describe and DescribeAsync for easy retrieval of object metadata.


  • PlatformStrings.CredentialStoreServiceName is now configurable.

Breaking Changes

  • Search and SearchAsync now return IEnumerable<SearchResult>.

  • PlatformStrings.Salesforce was renamed to PlatformStrings.CredentialStoreServiceName.

Brings assembly version up to 0.9.5003.24683.


  • Allows Update of non-string datatypes, such as DateTime.

  • Updated the iOS sample to demonstrate mapping the REST API's datetime to System.DateTime.


  • Now throwing two new exceptions: InvalidClientIdException and JsonParseException.

Brings the assembly version up to 0.9.4987.26579.


  • Added Search and SearchAsync for easy SOSL queries.

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed SOQL overloads of Read and ReadAsync to Query and QueryAsync.

  • Renamed extension method parameter @object to sobject to make it easier to use named-parameter syntax.

Brings assembly version up to 0.9.4975.19187.

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Please do select following permissions when creating connected app on Salesforce

  • Access and manage your data (api)

  • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token)

Full access sometimes does not work.

Posted on: February 3 / Version: