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ShinobiEssentials Standard 2.6.2


The iOS version of this component supports the classic 32-bit iOS API only. Learn More

A comprehensive set of fully customizable UI controls. Created with the developer in mind to reduce time and effort and provide interactive joy for your users!

A comprehensive set of fully customizable UI controls.

If you’re building an iOS app save yourself time and money by using a tried and tested suite of UI controls. ShinobiEssentials provides an extensive range of controls which make a fantastic addition to any developers toolbox.

Carousel Control

The Carousel is a highly flexible layout control that allows you to create the classic Cover Flow effect as well as a whole range of other carousel-style layouts.

The Carousel supports horizontal, vertical, radial and cylindrical layouts in both 2D and 3D. You can configure the friction, whether items wrap and the distance between items to create virtually any layout. For advanced cases, you can specify your own paths for the carousel items - ovals, spirals, they're all possible! Carousel Control

Accordion Control

The Accordion Control presents a vertically stacked collection of expandable sections. This control is ideal for presenting large collections of data as ‘cards’, or for organizing a complex collection of edit controls into sections.

The Accordion supports selection and touch interactions, where sections can be opened and closed via pinch and swipe interactions. You can also re-order the accordion items using intuitive drag gestures. Accordion Cropped

Tab Control

The Tab Control is a container which can host multiple views, where the user can select the active view via a tab strip. This is similar to the functionality provided by the iOS Safari browser.

The Tab Control supports virtualization, allowing lazy-loading of the active view, to ensure efficient use of memory. The built-in interactive features allow the user to add, remove and re-order tabs via simple gestures. Tab Cropped

Pull to Action control

Pull to Action enables your users to simply and quickly update data with the swipe of a finger. It’s a similar control to that used in iPhone mail. Touch Interaction A well know feature, expected by the majority of users

The action can be completed by the user simply swiping their finger in a downwards fashion from the top of iPhone/iPad’s screen. Essentials Product Tour Finger

Progress And Activity Indicators

The Progress and Activity Controls provide a versatile mechanism for displaying activity progress or informing the user that they need to wait for an operation to complete.

if you are bored of the inflexible UIKit activity indicator, these are the controls for you. They can be presented using a range of styles including linear and radial, with progress displayed as discrete segments or as a continuous block. Progress Control Cropped

Flow Layout Control

The Flow Layout Control provides a flexible layout system where items are added in a left-to-right flow, wrapping when a row is filled. This avoids the need to perform your own calculations to achieve this common layout.

As well as supporting 'read-only' layouts, this control is interactive, allowing the user to touch and hold in order to re-arrange cells within the layout. It also has a built-in delete function, which allows users to drag items into a recycle bin Story To Be Told

Sliding Overlay Control

The Sliding Overlay control provides a simple mechanism for adding content, such as navigation controls, beneath your main application view.

The content beneath the overlay can be revealed via a navigation button, or via intuitive swipe interactions. The control can be configured to reveal content from either side, above or below.

Release Notes

2.6.1 - 2.6.2 (28-May-2014)

  • Fixes issue with multiple warnings appearing when linking against the framework.
  • Fixes issue with the tabbed view protocols, which caused them to crash when run against the new type registration system in Xamarin.

2.6.0 - 2.6.1 (13-May-2014)

  • Removes weak linking from the Pull to Action control. It is no longer needed, as other frameworks which use the control internally now no longer expose ShinobiEssentials symbols publicly.
  • Fixes bug which caused ShinobiEssentials to crash when run in iOS6.

2.5.1 - 2.6.0 (27-Mar-2014)

  • Introduces the “Pull to Action” control.
  • Fix a memory issue with SEssentialsTheme.

2.5.0 - 2.5.1 (19-Sep-2013)

  • Fixed an issue where users would see the message "The argument is invalid" when trying to deploy to a device
  • Fixes bug in Accordion where dragging Accordion headers could result in overlapping headers.
  • Fixes bug in Accordion where inset Accordion sections were not displayed properly.
  • Fixes bug in Flow Layout where contentSize would be larger than expected.

2.0.0 - 2.5.0 (11-Sep-2013)

  • Deprecated the theme property on SEssentialsStyle. Styles are created with a theme, but they no longer hold a reference to it.
  • Updated controls to use this new theming paradigm.
  • Added iOS7 theme, which essentials components will now default to on iOS7 devices.
  • Added an image wrapper to SEssentials components that have large numbers of image assets.
  • Deprecated constructors on components which take multiple UIImage objects in favor of a constructor that utilizes the aforementioned image wrapper.
  • Fixed issue whereby the drop shadow on the sliding overlay would occasionally not resize as expected upon rotation.
  • Fixed a bug whereby some items in the SEssentialsCarouselLinear2D would jitter.
  • Fixed bug whereby the linear continuous progress indicator would remove the shine effect before the progress had reached the far right hand side.
  • Fixed issue whereby removing a non-active tab would remove the content of the active tab.
  • Fixed issue whereby transforming a carousel would cause the focusPoint to move, so that the items rendered in a different location than expected.
  • Fixed small rasterization issue for retina activity indicators.
  • Fixed issue whereby accordion sections would open backwards.
  • Fixed issue whereby tabShouldBecomeActive and tabShouldBecomeInactive were not being called when adding a tab, only when pressing a tab.

1.0.0 - 2.0.0 (28-Jun-2013)

  • A completely new class of control is available with SEssentialsCarousel (cover flow, linear, 3d, radial, etc)
  • Fully code compatible with previous release.
  • Useful helper views based on SEssentialsDecoratedView to provide extra effects and decoration for UIViews, including reflection, shadows, and fading.
  • Virtualized loading of sections on the SEssentialsAccordion for more efficient handling of large data sets.
  • Edit mode added to SEssentialsAccordion allowing sections to be rearranged using gestures.
  • Improved the layout of views in SEssentialsFlowLayout
  • The underlayHidden property on SEssentialsSlidingOverlay is now set if any of the underlay is visible, rather than if the entire underlay is visible.
  • Improvement to layout and positioning of tabs in SEssentialsTabbedView.
  • Simplified header file inclusion
  • Fixes for layout problems on device rotation with SEssentialsAccordion and SEssentialsSlidingOverlay
  • Improved documentation with explanatory images.
  • New user guides with 'how-to' example code
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