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Buddy Platform SDK

Buddy Platform, Inc.

Use Buddy backend as a service APIs.

Buddy SDK


Buddy enables developers to build engaging, cloud-connected apps without having to write, test, manage or scale server-side code or infrastructure. We noticed that most mobile app developers end up writing the same code over and over again. User management, photo management, geolocation checkins, metadata, and more.

Buddy's easy-to-use, scenario-focused APIs let you spend more time building your app, and less time worrying about backend infrastructure.

Let us handle that stuff for you!


For developers the Buddy Platform offers turnkey support for features like the following:

  • User Accounts - create, delete, authenticate users.
  • Photos - add photos, search photos, share photos with other users.
  • GeoLocation - checkin, search for places, list past checkins.
  • Push Notifications - easily send push notifications to iOS, Android, or Microsoft devices.
  • Messaging - send messages to other users, create message groups.
  • Friends - set up social relationships between users with friends lists.
  • Game Scores, Metadata, and Boards - Keep track of game stores and states for individual users as well as across users.
  • Commerce - Offer items for in-app purchase via Facebook Commerce.
  • And more - Checkout the rest of the offering at buddy.com/developers.

How It works

Getting rolling with the Buddy SDK is very easy. First you'll need to go to dev.buddy.com, to create an account and an application. This will create an application entry and a key pair consisting of an Application Name and an Application Password.

Once you have those, you just create a BuddyClient instance, and call methods on it.

using Buddy;

// ...

// create the client
var client = new BuddyClient("MyApplicationName", "MyApplicationPassword");

// create a user
client.CreateUserAsync("username","password").ContinueWith(r => {
    var user = r.Result;

    // upload a profile photo
    Stream photoStream = GetSomePhoto();

See Getting Started for more information.

Publisher Analytics

Buddy is more than just a backend service. Because our APIs are scenario-based, we collect deep information about how users are using applications. With that information, we can generate a rich portfolio of analytic data, ranging from when and where users are using your applicaiton to what types of devices they are using it on.

For more information, see Buddy for Publishers.


Full documentation for Buddy's services are available at Buddy.com

Release Notes

  • Adds support for Sound, Video, Blob APIs
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The component is currently way out of date for example logging in and create a user account work, but you can't send any messages between users. If you want the more up to date one they're currently working on you'll have to find it on github at https://github.com/BuddyPlatform/Buddy-DotNet-SDK

Posted on: April 27, 2014 / Version: