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Xamarin Inc

UIView subclass that replicates the iOS 7 realtime background blur effect, but works on iOS 5 and above.

FXBlurView is a UIView subclass that replicates the iOS 7 realtime background blur effect, but works on iOS 5 and above. It is designed to be as fast and as simple to use as possible.

FXBlurView offers two modes of operation: static, where the view is rendered only once when it is added to a superview (though it can be updated by calling SetNeedsDisplay() or UpdateAsynchronously()) or dynamic, where it will automatically redraw itself on a background thread as often as possible.

FXBlurView Members

  • static SetBlurEnabled()
    Used to globally enable/disable the blur effect on all FXBlurView instances.
  • static SetUpdatesEnabled() & SetUpdatesDisabled()
    Used to enable and disable updates for all dynamic FXBlurView instances with a single command.
  • UpdateAsynchronously()
    Used to trigger an update of the blur effect.
  • SetNeedsDisplay()
    Used to trigger a (synchronous) update of the view.
  • BlurEnabled
    Toggles blurring on and off for an individual FXBlurView instance.
  • Dynamic
    Controls whether the FXBlurView updates dynamically, or only once when the view is added to its superview.
  • Iterations
    Represents the number of blur iterations.
  • UpdateInterval
    Controls the interval (in seconds) between successive updates when the FXBlurView is operating in dynamic mode.
  • BlurRadius
    Controls the radius of the blur effect (in points).
  • TintColor
    An optional RGB tint color to be applied to the FXBlurView.
  • UnderlyingView
    Specifies the view that the FXBlurView will sample to create the blur effect.

UIImage Extensions

FXBlurView extends UIImage with the following method:

UIImage CreateBlurredImage (
    nfloat radius, 
    nuint iterations, 
    UIColor tintColor);

This method applies a blur effect and returns the resultant blurred image without modifying the original:

  • The radius property controls the extent of the blur effect.
  • The iterations property controls the number of iterations.
    More iterations means higher quality.
  • The tintColor is an optional color that will be blended with the resultant image.
    Note that the alpha component of the tintColor is ignored.
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