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JazzHands keyframe animation 2.0.0


Jazz Hands is a keyframe animation framework for both iOS and Android that allows you to create user controlled animations.

JazzHands for iOS and Android ported to C# by Screenmedia

Jazz Hands is a simple keyframe-based animation framework for UIKit. Animations can be controlled via gestures, scroll views, KVO, or ReactiveCocoa.

The Objective-C version of Jazz Hands is used extensively in IFTTT for iPhone and iPad, most famously in the app intro:


If you use this library and would like to be featured here please let us know.

Demo App

Check out the demo app to see a simple demonstration of moving, resizing, fading, and hiding views in a scrolling app intro.

Download and install the component from the Component store or download the source from GitHub


It's recommended that you install from the Xamarin Component Store, alternatively download the source and include the project in your solution.

Quick Start

First, make sure monotouch is included in your project, then install the component to add JazzHands.

Add the namespace Screenmedia.JazzHands to your UIViewController.

using Screenmedia.JazzHands;

Note: Don't use Autolayout with your view as it wont work.

On you view controller inherit from

public class MyViewController : AnimatedScrollViewController, IAnimatedScrollViewController

Now create an animation for a view that you want to animate. There are multiple types of animation that can be applied to a view. For this example, we'll use FrameAnimation, which moves and sizes a view. Once thats been created we need to add it to the animatior so it adds the animations to the timeline.

var frameAnimation = new FrameAnimation(viewToAnimate);

Register the animation with the animator.

Add some keyframes to the animation. First we create a list of AnimationKeyFrames then create each animation item, let's move this view to 200 on the x axis, between pages 1 and 2.

var frameAnimationList = new List<AnimationKeyFrame> ();
var frame = Wordmark.Frame;
frame.Offset (new PointF (200, 0));

frameAnimationList.Add (new AnimationKeyFrame () {
    Time = TimeForPage (1),
    Frame = frame

frameAnimationList.Add (new AnimationKeyFrame() {Time = TimeForPage(2), Frame = Wordmark.Frame});

You now need to commit the animations to the frameAnimation


This will produce an effect where the view will be at it's start positionand as scrolled between page 1 and page 2 it will move to 200 on the x axis.

Animation Types

Jazz Hands supports several types of animations:

  • FrameAnimation moves and sizes views.
  • AlphaAnimation creates fade effects.
  • HideAnimation hides and shows views.
  • AngleAnimation for rotation effects.
  • Transform3DAnimation for 3D transforms.
  • ScaleAnimation to scale view sizes.
  • ConstraintsAnimation animates AutoLayout constraint constants. (Currently incomplete!)


The source for the project can be found on GitHub

F Sharp

There is an f# version of the demo being worked on at the moment and we'll release it as soon as possible. In the meentime if you want to see where we are at or if you'd like to help please checkout the code on Github


An animator can only handle one animation per type per view. If you want multiple animations of the same type on a view, use keyframes.


Screenmedia would like to thank IFTTT for developing this library in the first place. We'd also like to thank them for supporting this conversion and allowing us to release it on the component store. If you're not aware of IFTTT please check out their awesome platform at https://ifttt.com/

Copyright 2014 Screenmedia

Release Notes

Version 2.0

  • Added support for Android
  • Split Maths out in to separate shared library
  • If you are migrating from v1.0 you'll need to change the namespace from Screenmedia.IFTTT.JazzHands to Screenmedia.JazzHands
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Awesome guys ! thank you for converting this to Xamarin .. looking for Unified API support soon ..

Posted on: March 30, 2015 / Version: 1.0.0