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KidoZen SDK 1.0.2

KidoZen, Inc.

KidoZen is an Enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service, that provides Mobile Services and Line of Business Integration capabilities.

KidoZen is an Enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service, that provides out of the box Mobile Services and LoB Integration capabilities accessible through a series of SDKs for each of the major Mobile platforms (Xamarin, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, etc).

Mobile Backend Services

Use the Xamarin SDK to access our out-of-the-box Mobile Backend Services with a single line of code.

Code for retrieving all the items in an Object Set called favorites:

var people = Kido.Storage["favorites"].All<Person>().Result.Data;

Enterprise APIs

Leverage the power of KidoZen Enteprise APIs to access to your Line of Business systems, whether those are public facing in the cloud, or On-Premise behind your firewalls.

Code for retrieving the Calendar items from a SharePoint site:

var events = Kido.Service["mySP"].Invoke("query", new { 
   resource = "CalendarListItems",
   select = "Title, Location, EventDate, EndDate",
   orderBy = "EventDate"

Find out more about kidozen on our site.

Release Notes

component display name updated.

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