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Nutiteq Maps SDK by CARTO 3.3.1


Component to display offline maps with a variety of features

About Carto Maps SDK

Carto Maps SDK is advanced maps component with flexible extendability. It suits best for advanced client apps for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data display and editing, field survey, 3D visualization and also end-user apps which need offline maps, professional developer support and more customization options

Carto Maps SDK is provided by CartoDB, the leading provider for geolocation intelligence solutions.

Key features

  • offline base map or online base map from vector data source
  • Map overlay: Points, Polygons, Lines, Markers, GPS locations, including clustered objects
  • Offline routing using pre-downloaded country packages, available word-wide
  • offline custom map overlays from MBTiles, bitmaps (as ground overlays) or custom formats
  • 2.5/3D support: tilt and rotate map, add 3D objects to map, full 3D city
  • works on iOS and all Android platforms, including ones where Google Services and Maps are not available
  • Advanced GIS extensions: vector overlays (Shapefiles, KML, GPX, WFS etc), raster overlays (GeoTIFF, WMS etc) from direct GIS data sources and vector map editing is available as additional package. Ask licensing@nutiteq.com for details.

Windows Phone support

For Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10 support please check out https://github.com/nutiteq/hellomap3d-dotnet/ project.


  1. You need sign up to http://developer.nutiteq.com (**Developer or Pro plan**) or purchase enterprise license from licensing@nutiteq.com . Free developer licenses are available.
  2. See Getting Started, and samples as reference implementation


When requesting please do not forget to mention that you use Carto Xamarin component and what is your target platform (iOS or Android).

Release Notes

Update to Nutiteq Maps SDK 3.3.1

Maintenance update for Nutiteq Maps SDK by CARTO, contains bugfixes. Suggested to update your apps, no breaking changes.

Full details see https://developer.nutiteq.com/sdk/notes-3.3.1

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