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Anti-Copy Signature Widget 1.0

Vapolia SARL

The iOS version of this component supports the classic 32-bit iOS API only. Learn More

A soft touch, easy to use, customizable, powerful secured signature widget.

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Anti-Copy Signature Widget

A soft touch, easy to use, customizable, powerful secured signature widget for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Signature is secured

Exclusive technology secures the signature, preventing it to be used again in another document.

Complete example projects

Complete example projects with source code are provided. Open and try them, they are easy to understand !

Supported platforms

Android 2.2+ (api level 8+)
iOS 5.1+
Windows Phone 8+

The library requires PCL (Portable Class Library) support available in Visual Studio 2012 and Xamarin Studio.

Very easy to use

Simply add the widget markup to you axml layout in Android, some lines of code in iOS, or the xaml widget markup in WP7.

Preview, validate or retry

The signature view API can clear, load, and save a signature. Save it to a native bitmap to preview it easily in your form.

Get as an optimized native image or PNG

Only the smallest rectangle containing the signature is returned, not the blank space !

Or to a compact vector string

The signature can be saved and reloaded as a compact opaque string, to temporarily save the content of the widget.


Have a smart UI ! You will know when the OK button should be ungrayed.


  • Choose pen color and width
  • Set background as you would in any view
  • Add guide lines or icons. In fact you can have any view object in front of the signature view.
  • Customize the anti-copy background

Usage examples


  • Display the widget:

  • Show the signature in an image view:

    var pngbytes = await signature.SaveAsPngBytesWithAntiCopyBackgroundAsync();
    using (var bitmap = BitmapFactory.DecodeByteArray(bytes, 0, bytes.Length))
        var imagePng = FindViewById<ImageView>(Resource.Id.signatureImagePng);


  • Display the widget:

    var signature = new UISignature(new RectangleF(0, View.Bounds.Height / 2, View.Bounds.Width, View.Bounds.Height / 2));
  • Show the signature in an image view:

    UIImageView image;
    image.Image = signature.SaveAsImageWithAntiCopyBackground();


  • Display the widget:

    <signature:SignatureCanvas x:Name="Signature" />
  • Show the signature in an Image control:

    SignatureImage.Source = Signature.SaveAsImageWithAntiCopyBackground();
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