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Android iBeacon Service 1.3

Chris Riesgo

A Xamarin.Android library providing APIs to interact with iBeacons.

Xamarin Android iBeacon Service

A Xamarin.Android binding of the Radius Networks' Android iBeacon Service.

Learn more about iBeacons for Android by visiting the Radius Networks iBeacon Android developer site.

What does this library do?

It allows Android devices to use iBeacons much like iOS devices do. A Xamarin.Android app can request to get notifications when one or more iBeacons appear or disappear. A Xamarin.Android app can also request to get a ranging update from one or more iBeacons at a frequency of 1Hz.

Reference Application

Check out the Find The Monkey - Android reference application for examples of Monitoring and Ranging Beacons with Xamarin.Android.


This software is available under the Apache License 2.0, allowing you to use the library in your applications.

Release Notes

  • Updated the service to use Radius Networks AndroidIBeaconLibrary 0.7.6
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Haluk YILMAZ rates this with
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i guess entered and exited regions need to update,

beacause when i left first it works great ok, but if i come again and leave they are not trigger

any idea?

Posted on: October 26, 2015 / Version: 1.3
Katlyn Buchanan rates this with
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Works great for basic needs, but the new lib getDistance() methods and other events that would make this useful for consumer grade application.

Chris, any way we can get this updated to the new lib so I can get you a 5 star ;-)

Posted on: October 25, 2014 / Version: 1.3
Kenneth Egholm

Any chance of an update - the existing lib is removed and replaced with a new one !

Posted on: October 22, 2014 / Version: 1.3